Protection Steppe manual (a total of 19 sets, Mongolian, Chinese)



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A total of 25 sets   the franco-prussian manual Mongolian environmental data   training education



. <The story of  QIQIGE>its lattice reprint (Mongolian and Chinese contrast), Beijing global village, paradise prairie, present building, yi jin sponsorship.

. WuZhu MuQin grassland wetland water damage report Mongolian

Government and about 36. Map of xiwuqi GaZha 'collective land approval and registration, issuance of notice. Mongolian

. 900000 mu of grassland to express "missing" Mongolian

Why. 700000 mu of grassland reclamation? Mongolian video

. "the farmers and herdsmen and practical law books" (a total of 25 sets, Mongolian or Mongolia, han bilingual) national press, law press, grassland protection project.

Herdsmen computer information training materials Mongolian 2005 training materials Write: Su Rong

Destroyed. The largest zone in Inner Mongolia grassland ecological dilemma Mongolian

The franco-prussian q&a - collective land ownership Mongolian

"Today" (2003-3-14) Chinese

"Today" (2003-3-14) Mongolian video

The grassland in the Mongolian language, eastern Mongolia grassland protection VCD, 24 minutes

The grassland quiet here, the nomadic civilization is out of date?" - shu-run liu Mongolian The hulunbuir daily translation

. The story of its lattice (Mongolia, Chinese cartoon), Maine lehi. Foundation, sponsorship, friends of nature.

The declaration of Seattle Mongolian

Quiz - how to choose the village chief, see how many points you have - the European Union and China's ministry of civil affairs cooperation projects (Mongolian, show folks suggest that college students back to their hometown vacation) :

. "once the prairie. Record grassland ecology in Inner Mongolia and the nomadic culture exhibition" exhibition activity photos Text part


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